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Use this forum for help requests regarding our Caribbean fish identification project. Feel free to ask for clarification, help find a resource, etc. from anyone in the network.

This forum should provide a very powerful collaborative tool to maximize our work in this area.

Have at it:

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I am making an assumption that this is going well...

Dillon Brewer's fish ID work is going along QUITE well.

I am anxious to see the work of others. If you have questions on how to do it WELL, contact Dillon.

Hey mr.nash I'm havin trouble finding pictures for the grunts. juvenile and adult, I didn't know if you knew of any sites that could help.
I will certainly send you some. And yes- the juvenile grunts are quite tough.
There isn't a redfin parrotfish in the book, could u send me some info on it .

We have a photo fish list on the Flower Garden Banks website at I've been adding photos taken in the sanctuary as our researchers come back from their trips. You won't find everything illustrated, yet, but I'm working on it. Species at FGBNMS are a subset of the rest of the Caribbean and the species you all have mentioned so far are not found in the sanctuary, but our list might be helpful in the future.








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