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Last night we did a little silent spontaneous writing from a visual prompt. This image is very powerful. I appreciated it the minute I laid eyes on it. I knew it would help me get a bit of a baseline on your thinking and understanding. As a teacher, I think it is important to access your understandings and perspectives and record them in time. This allows us to track our path to learning. *Our visual prompt to begin the year:

Being able to track conceptual understanding over time is really important to me as a teacher. It is the best way I know to follow your progress closely in order to make adjustments in my upcoming strategies. How else can you deeply reflect on your learning as time goes on? Freezing your thought at different periods of time...  after subsequent learning events...  allows you to not only access what your current understanding is, but to also look forward to what you need and want to learn more about into the future. I hope you will find this focus useful as well.

So here we go: What were your initial thoughts and questions concerning this image? It is certainly striking, but why so? What do you observe here? What might be surprising about this? What was the strategy of the artist? What was he trying to convey? What questions do you have? What are you uncertain about? What does this make you think? What about this approach to starting off a unit of learning? I look forward to reading your thoughts from last night and your ensuing discussion to follow...

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When I look at this picture I see the earth with just land and one tiny drop of water. Why is there only one drop of water? Is this what the world is coming to? Were the Mayans right all along? Are we using so much water and we can't give it back as much as we are using it? Is water going to be the new gasoline? Also, why is the water drop on North America, why isn't it on China?

Why is the water drop sticking up above the rest of the earth, and why does it look like its own little galaxy or something? Is all the water dried up? What happened to it? Where the water once was is it all desert now? Or is that all just what we as humans have thrown into the waters and our oceans are all ick and mud? Is that drop of water the only clean water we have left? If so then why do the Americans have it and nobody else? Will this create a war? World war 3?

I hadn't originally thought of water or the ocean like that. After you said this I was reminded of a lecture I attened for my ecology class about the Ganda River. How the Indian government had tried to purify the Ganda River as many villages rely on this main source of water not only for drinking but, bathing, cooking, cleaning as well as religious ties to the river. However the government failed in some areas and there is still pollution issues, showing that government does play a role in our water resources. Here are some sites talking about the pollution to the river and the government's role.

When I took a look at this picture the first thing I noticed was the lack of Blue the earth had. I thought "where did all the water go?, maybe the oceans dried up, or even disappeared." The earth was just green and browns my mind is racing with a million thoughts and I wasn't really sure of what to think, the picture was just so shocking to me. Maybe the artist of the picture was trying to show us what would happen if the oceans got polluted or of they just never existed. And that blue dot?! What is it? A spec of water, a mini ocean...?! This picture just really got my thoughts going.
That's what I was thinking also. "Maybe the artist of the picture was trying to show us what would happen if the oceans got polluted or if the just never existed" I bet the artist of the picture drew this for a 'saving the world' theme. You know what I'm trying to say? He is trying to tell us something that millions of people are trying to tell us but he told us in a way that caugh our attention. A picture. This picture got my thoughts going also. And as you can tell I have a big imagination!
Ii really think this picture could be telling us to stop polluting our world and using a picture such as this one was a great idea and it really caught my attention!!
Pollution is one of the many thoughts that had raced through my head when I first looked at the photo. Maybe the artist was trying to say hey if you don't stop polluting then this is what's going to happen!! But you got me thinking about the blue dot when you said it might be a mini ocean. If you look closely at it you can see land inside it maybe the dot is a mini world.
I agree with you. When I first looked at the picture I was sort of confused. Then all these thoughts were going through my head about what the artist is trying to convey. Pollution is one of the thoughts that I had. We are wasting all the water. In the future it might dissapear and all we will have left is that blue dot. What will happen then?
I had the same thoughts as you. What would happen if the oceans did become polluted? What should we do about it? What are scientists and simply citizens everywhere doing about it? How long would it take to walk across the dry span of what used to be ocean in this picture. The oceans are a vital aspect to life on earth and if it were to be gone forever, I would be sad and so would life in general....because it would soon die off completey.
This picture jeeps my head spinning. I don't know what to say abut it because all the questions I have can only be answered with more questions. Is this tiny blue dot the water is it the last bit of marine life? Is this a picture of someone's imagenation of the future? Is this what is really going to happen? Who's fault is it? Can it be fixed? Does it need fixed?

This picture is showing how important to life water is. The color of the globe is brown and green showing how much color/life water bring to the world. Not only does it add a color of blue but, also species richness or diversity in plants and aminals.There is a small blue droplet showing that even in far away places that the ocean still has a major role in human's lives. Yes, we may live thousnads of miles from the ocean but, we live on a river and where does that river lead too? The ocean. 

Not only does water impact our location but also our religious and cultural beliefs. You learn that there are cultures that do "rain dances" where there are droughts or Jesus eaching a man how to fish. Last night we also talked about how importnat the rain forest is; what makes up the rain forest is that it's saturated with water. How the water comes from the ocean in what is the water cycle. That life depends on the ocean or water, that's what I gathered from this picture.

I agree with you when you say "This picture is showing how important to life water is." and about how we don't live by the ocean but we live by the river and that leads to the ocean. And just mainly about how much you think water is important to life because it really is.
I feel like you already did this picture in another class!! Haha everything you said I agreed with! This picture is deffinatly showing how important water is to us. Agreeeeeedddd with everything you said.








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