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In the space below, we'll continue to reflect upon our reading of "The Enchanted Braid: Coming to Terms with Nature on the Coral Reef,"  by Osha Gray Davidson:

After several face to face sessions in the classroom relating to both the physiology and classification of corals and the origins of the structure of coral reefs, a reading of Darwin in Paradise and The Rise of Corals comes at a perfect time.  A close reading of these two chapters should allow us to come to a deeper understanding of many of the concepts and ideas we've been dealing with as of late.  The way I see it, your reflection here could easily be done one of two ways:

1) Take time to connect your learning from the reading to that which you've gained from the classroom. Explain in some detail some of the specifics of how Darwin in Paradise and The Rise of Corals helped you to deepen or extend your understanding of coral reef.  You might also take the opportunity to go to the web and find a visual to bring back here that helps to connect some of this learning as well.  Sometimes it helps to branch out laterally as well on subjects of this sort.  


2) We've also recently viewed the IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure.  The script of this film was also written in part by Osha Gray Davidson.  How does the film compare your reading of the book thus far?  Be as specific as possible in outlining some of the key similarities and differences found between Enchanted Braid and Coral Reef Adventure.  How do you think the writing/editing might differ from one to the other?

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1.) Bubbly; energetic scenes and talking
2.) Informational in a fun way
3.) Shows how the coral reefs effect people- culture, tradition, everyday life
4.) Shows importance of coral reefs- medicine
5.) Describes/shows the beauty of coral reefs

1.) Movie focuses on one problem in one area mainly, while the book describes many
2.) Book goes deeper in depth about the structure of the coral reefs, while the movie just skims over the idea
3.) Movie mainly focuses on the beauty of the coral reefs, the destruction, and how to prevent it, while the book
goes into depth of the coral reefs, the many types of destruction caused, and many different ways to prevent it
Good points. I most agree with your suggestion of how the movie sort of skims over the real depth. Of course, any movie about a serious subject must do this in order to pull in "mainstream" viewers. That is a huge difference. For a person who reads this book... and takes in the film as well... the visuals add color to the meaty messages of the text.
Both the movie and the book gave great pictures. I mean remember the first chapter where the scientist made an "all-knowing" computer that once all information about corals reefs was put in, it would tell all the secrets of life on the reef? Do you remember how the computer couldn’t do it, and caught on fire? Well can’t you imagine that?! I love how he tells a story, and really helps when he starts going all educational on us. Even in the movie, he was trying to make an educational movie as exciting and fun as he could get could it. I really enjoyed the part in the movie where they could just float back. It was funny to me.
Osha Gray Davidson made the book more interesting by writing a quote before each chapter. Although he didn’t really do that in the movie, he still did a great job of choosing interesting characters in the movie. I like the way he did that. He made the characters interesting for the movie, and chose the quotes of interesting characters for his book.

Yet the movie and the book have a totally different plot line, the message is still the same. Osha Gray Davidson cares deeply about our worlds coral reefs, as we all should before they’re gone for good.

It is also important to note that although the film seized on the main message... in brief conversation with the writer, he mentioned that, of course, the script for the film was edited heavily from the original version. That details behind that sort of content molding to move between text and visual, and from pages to a few mere minutes, is... very interesting. few people likely ever see that process for what it is.
prompt number 2
both the movie and book touched on these topics
1)doctors use calcium carbonate from corals to fix bones
- doctors use corals in many ways for medical aspects
2)communties living near coral reefs use and rely on the coral to survive
- for fish ( eat and commercial aka sell)
3) the movie talked about the relationship between shrimp and gobby which is very similar to the relationship between coral and zoox
4) both the book and movie talk about the structure of the coral at different depths (ex limestone existance)

1) the book talks about how the United States deep drilled the limestone reefs around Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands in an effort to improve the Nuclear weapons testing program
2)the book goes into detail about mulitple drillings the United States has done on coral reefs
3)the book also describes the worlds first H-bomb testing, and most importantly its' effects on the surrounding coral reefs of Hiroshima

writting and editing
1) descriptive
3)provides information in a fun way
4) makes learning the information easy and fun! :)

1) movie doesn't go as far into detail as the book
2) movie focuses alot on beauty while the book focuses more on the actual scientific facts and problems
I would agree on those points. The only suggestion there that I might dispute is the final one stating the book focuses less on beauty. I don't know... that's a tough one. I think it is easy to move to that conclusion given the obvious beauty of the film itself. However, if I really stop to remember the overall feel I got from the book, it is one of profound danger, yet also one of deep beauty and respect. Be sure to revisit after completing the book to see where you stand at that point. That might be an interesting reflection.
The differences and similartities between watching the movie and reading the book

1.Trying to show the importance of reefs-medicine, to people, natives
2.The cooperatin between species
3.Trying to get information in a fun/different way
4.The different structures of a reef
5.The many stresses on reefs

1.Movie is more visual-actual pictures, Book uses long descriptions for a visual effect with a couple pictures sprinkled about through out
2.Movie really focuses on that one coral reef and the problems it is going through, Book describes many different problems that can occur
3.Movie focuses on the beauty and destruction of the different reefs and how we should prevent it, Book focuses on the structure of coral reefs, interaction between species, different stresses on the reefs, and the history of the reefs

The writing and editing between the movie and the book

1.Focuses on one coral reef in particular
2.Exciting and very visual
3.Covers mainly the present and future for coral reefs
4.Differences between the one coral reef and a couple other coral reefs

1. Focuses on many aspects of coral reefs
2.Exciting and visual
3.Covers the past, present, and future of coral reefs
4.Differences between all types of coral reefs
I'm glad that of all things presented here, you were keen to pick up on the common overarching theme of mutualism, or "cooperation" between life forms. That is something that is crucial across the planet... but nowhere is it as easily seen as on the coral reef.
2. The movie is kinda like the book. But my personal opion I like the movie better, because it gives you a visual.
- In the movie you get a better visual
- The book you lets your mind do all the visual
- The book gives you info on lots of things, and the movie just focused on the one problem on the island
- The book is more fact base and the movie was more researched based

- They both used the things that they know in a very interesting way

I like the book better because it gave more information. The movie did have some great details, but the book has more depth, and I like that. This book is the coolest way of book-reading-learning that I’ve ever experienced!


The film Coral Reef Adventure uses much of the same material as the book, but in a condensed version with an individualized storyline. While following two characters in an adventure to help protect/save the coral reef the film shows astounding beauty, cultural ties, and an impending disaster for the creatures and entire existence of the reefs. It seemed like its purpose was to motivate the audience to jump into the cause. In The Enchanted Braid we see much of the same staggering beauty, the same passion, and I can only assume Osha Gray Davidson would be very pleased to inspire someone to help the coral reefs. But it appears to me that the book presents the reefs to inform readers, unlike the movie. Both were excellent sources of information and awe, inspiration and fact. The writing and editing seems similar enough to me, given that the genres restrict the similarities to a certain extinct, but it's obvious the screenplay was a collaborative work.








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