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Use the space below to reflect upon our recent study of the physical components of the ocean (often referred to as simply "oceanography").  Direct your work below to the reality of tides, currents, waves, and perhaps even the general nature of the world's oceans.  Also be certain to pay attention to the elements that make a good reflection, or argument.  Ask yourself as you construct your response here:  "does my contribution here extend or deepen the discussion as a whole?"  And as always, metacognition is key.  Uncovering your thinking at each step along the way is a very effective strategy for learning.
Also, in the thread below, add in a resource that you found on your own that helps not only you... but will also potentially help extend the understanding of your classmates.  This additional resource might be an excellent image...

...that helped your understand of one or more of these concepts.  Perhaps it is a link to an entire webpage devoted to one of the topics.  (This link goes to a really cool children's book about the spilled plastic duckies that taught us a thing or two about ocean surface currents.  Try reading it to a little sister, cousin or neighbor.)  Maybe even a videoclip that does a good job of helping you visualize some of the more abstract concepts, or even takes your learning in directions you hadn't even foreseen...


Whatever you choose, do it up right in the space below...

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it makes me soo sad that in school we have learned soo little about the ocean, i feel very uneducated :(
anything i knew about the ocean prior to this class , i learned on my own. so i am very excited to be taking this class! :)








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