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Use the space below to link or embed your screencast regarding the basic causes and behavior of oceanic tides. As always, feel free to provide feedback and encouragement to any and all who post...

All screencasts (unless noted otherwise) were created with the Educreations iPad app.

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I really like how easy it was to undertstand what you were saying! It really helped me a lot!!

i really like how u explained the spring and neap tides. next time you might want to talk more about the tidal range like why we have it, how it happens but over all you really did do a great job!!

I LOVED the table that you made it was neat and creative!! But I agree with Bobbi talk more about the tidal range and why we have it.
I liked your lunar tides diagram. You explained that really well. Maybe you could have done that with more of the terms that were at the beginning 
I liked how you explained and drew neap and spring tides it made it a lot easier to understand. Maybe it you went a little slower on pages that have alot of information on them. But other than that you did really good!
I liked how clear you were when you spoke. You could be a little more interactive with what you were explaining like drawing one picture at a time.

i really like how you explained everything and having the pictures not only made it fun but some of them really connected to what you were talking about.

I liked that you used pictures instead of drawing everything but the occasional drawing to elaborate wouldn't hurt. Overall you did an absolutely wonderful job!

I liked how you explained everything in a very understanding way and I liked the images that you used, but maybe next time you could use less images and draw just a little bit.
Yeah you can never go wrong with drawing. :)








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