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As of June 4, 2010, the uncontrollable oil gusher from BP's Deepwater Horizon oil well is an undoubtable disaster.  As of the present time, the major news media have been covering the attempts to stop the spill from further spilling.  The reality at this point is that even IF the spill were stopped today by some new technological feat, the oil spilled today will haunt the people and the wildlife of the Gulf for some time to to come.

Scientists speak out about the event.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the oil spill, check this Wikipedia page for up-to-date discussion of the situation.  This will likely be an important page for this year's studies of marine biology.  Therefore, if you haven't been keeping up to date in this event, you owe it to yourself as both a member of this course as well as a citizen of the United States to keep up on the unfolding story...

1)  What current articles can you find to share with the group that add to the information we need to understand this tragedy?  Find, copy and link those articles here inline to share with the rest of us.

2)  While there is little doubt as to the blame to be placed on BP (the company who owns the oil well), Transocean (the company who owns the drilling rig), and Halliburton (the oil services company who did much of the cementing work on the oil well's casing), many will also ultimately blame the US Federal government who allowed such deepwater drilling under current regulations to happen in the first place.

3)  After checking out the latest news on the oil spill (check anywhere you wish, but you might start here for a hub beyond the Wikipedia page), respond below with a discussion on one of the following questions...

*At this early point, where to do see fit to place blame for the oil spill disaster in the Gulf?  Where do you place the blame?  The oil company?  The company owning the drilling rig?  The company doing the cementing work for the well?  The United States Federal Government who is responsible for protecting US interests at home and abroad?  Please cite examples to back up your claims.

Much work will certainly be done this coming school year regarding the fallout of this epic spill ( already the largest ever in US history) and the environmental tragedy which will almost certainly come from it.  Let us use this discussion thread to debate the general issues of the spill for the time being.  We will get more specific as time goes on...

Image credits:

Oil well explosion & fire.

Oil-soaked pelican.

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i think it is horribly tragic that an island so beautiful could be put at risk, not only will the beauty be lost but the inhabants source of income could be lost because of the lack of tourist. In addition to the damage on the land , the rare marine life could potentially harmed.








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