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Use the thread below as a gallery space for your Sci-Po and Visual Chapter Summary over Chapter 4, "The Rise of Corals," and Chapter 5, "The Heart of Lightness." Remember, stick to the protocols. There is power in protocols, for they often force our thinking toward a more creative level. This, of course, seems ironic before trying...  but I think you'll soon see what I mean by that.

As always, post a reflection of this challenge and comment both on how this helped you learn the content of this part of the book, as well as how the processes of the task contributed to the cause specifically. I look forward to the discussion in the space below:

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CHAPTER FOUR: The Rise of the Corals.

'New Beginnings'

My Haiku Deck serves the purpose of presenting how coral was a developing, complex process.  The process became successful because of unique friendships.   These friendships that were made mainly of zoox and coral which creates a bigger picture. For instance, look at the picture below taken by nashworld (, this picture shows how multiple pieces of coral come together to create a beautiful puzzle that we know as the reef.  This puzzle/reef then is tied to the food chains of the world.  Ergo, the protection and admiration of the reefs should always be upmost important because life just may depend on it.

    PhotoCredit: nashworld (

CHAPTER FIVE: The Heart of Lightness.

The use of my poem “entrancement” is to capture the essence of chapter five of The Enchanted Braid.  The title of this chapter is “The Heart of Lightness.”  In my poem, I tried to capture the concept of finding beauty of coral is like finding the light in a dark room.  It’s a new adventure that many take for a special trance.  It's a trance given through discovery, realizations, and appreciations.  The only way to find this 'trance' is to look past the busy life and try to understand it one piece at a time.


new adventures await

daring us to take a chance

it’s never too late

for that special trance

the tropics mark

a region of dancing sunlight

like a spark

for life’s delight

“this is where it is at”

rejoiced one’s soul

when explaining the format

of the earth’s role

diversity leads us

to new a start

and this must be professed

for everyone will have their part

darwin pronounced a reef is like a city

chaotic to the new comer

but with once given the ability

one will see with a dreamer

intoxicating as it may be

the beauty of life

is held by a key

to all of the wildlife


I love your puzzle/reef description. That's exactly what I think of when I look at parts of the reef at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. It's a patchwork of species all fitted together, just so. I think these photos are good examples.

It is very intriguing how the corals come together in a manor that seems erratic, but upon closer exploration one can understand the patterns of their development.  The novel "The Enchanted Braid," by Osha Gray Davidson that we are currently reading in class helps explain the importance and has given us great insight of life in the ocean.  

Chapter 4. keynote presentation.
I swear that this book gets better every time we move onto a new chapter! My keynote presentation is about how the flood of '93 affected the world and what new discoveries it has brought. From reading this chapter "The Rise of the Corals" I picked up on how awesome corals really are... My favorite part of the chapter was on the last page and it said.. " as a group, corals have taken everything that nature can throw at them and rebounded time after time. Falling oceans, rising oceans. Sliding continents and closing seaways. Drastic climate change. Perhaps even a collision with a. Asteroid. It hasn't mattered. For all their delicate appearance, corals as a group are tenacious, resilient, and inventive." Just those few sentences really describe how truly amazing coral is.

In my Haiku Deck I tried to simply explain the things that were stated in chapter four of "The Enchanted Braid" about the difficulties that corals/reefs/coral reefs have gone through since they were first formed. They have had to find ways to adapt to rising and falling water levels, rising and falling water temperature, catastrophic events such as floods, and throughout all of this corals and reefs have survived, albeit at different levels of survival. 

The Heart of Lightness

In the tropics the sun is king,

shining its intense light

on everyone, and every thing

all the time, except at night.

Here is where plants thrive,

feeding off of the suns rays,

even the rocks seem alive,

and they are in many ways.

Over in the Philippines,

"This is where it's at"

The life the sun brings,

it's as simple as that.

On the island of Manado

natural selection was decreed,

Darwin knew it also,

his theory then was freed.

Reefs are structured with patterns,

they are designed for exploration

much like a mysterious cavern,

the corals are grouped by zonation.

Corals have lived for thousands of years,

fighting many limitations of nature,

always grinding their gears,

they will continue to survive, of this I am sure. 

Amazing Haiku Decks from all of you! May I share these with a local Youth Working Group at the sanctuary here in Texas?

I think Shelby did a great job on his sci-po. It explains how important the tropics are and how much the sun affects the life of diversity there.

With my haiku deck I wanted to display simply the universal truth that success does not come easily. This is the main theme I got from chapter four. Corals facing extinction multiple times and having to deal with ever changing water levels shows how hard these animals work to just make it through a single day, let alone 4,000 years. What you see is not always what is has been; sometimes the final product doesn't show traces of struggle.

The heart of lightness

Heat, warmth, sun,
Shines, blinds, and burns,
The light supply is overdone
Although rid of all concerns

Here is where they thrive
Just underneath the light
When one jumps in to dive
It's always just as bright

The triangle is magic
Diversity is vast
Modesty is absent
"This is where it's at"

This place is like a town
This knowledge is not new
Patterns stay tied down
While things appear askew

What lies beneath the deep
Is more than we can bear
Corals, reefs will sweep
The bottom beneath with flair

Leap above the water
Still Intoxicated by the view
And although the air is hotter,
And discovery will ensue.

Chapter four: The Rise of the Corals

The purpose of my keynote is to tell you that "disaster brings beauty." This rain fell for so long, everyone thought they need an arc like noah built. This ended up being a very positive thing, if you look at it like that. This chapter was very interesting to me because it was explaining some of the coral. The tabulate and zooxanthellae were the first to develop a symbiotic relationship. I mean i had zoology and didn't even learn that. This book has taught me very interesting things and really makes me expand on my knowledge. 

The purpose of my poem of Chapter 5: The Heart of Lightness was to show the major points of the chapter. This was a very difficult task for me just because I am not good at rhyming. Dont get me wrong it was very fun and took me like 3 hours.

Twenty three and a half degrees on one side
The tropics are so bright
Twenty three and a half degrees on the other side
It's full of delight
Tropics of cancer 
Can give you cancer
But the coral reefs 
flourish in this heat
Unusual and bizarre
You can't get there in your car
Because its underwater
With an abundance of colors
Corals build up an Atlantis 
With no threat of any praying mantis
An ecosystem, set up just right
A strange feeling, more mystifying than the night
In a suburban area
It's a perfect neighbor hood
Minus all the wood
Just as the above world classifies people
There are many different marine life
But instead of under a steeple 
Because they are NOT people
They just are life
Thousands of years old
The corals stand
Something so untold
Almost as abundant as sand
Corals will always stand

My keynote was on chapter 4. It really just shows what happened in the chapter. Really simple and easy. It told what was going on in the chapter.

Between 2 different regions
Is a warm, warm land
Okay, an ocean may be more what they planned

In a triangle of life is a coral reef
Wild, untamed
Not the least bit ashamed
Corals of all kinds
Even bugs might have more of a mind

And on this island
The corals are strange
Not just because they're pretty
But because there are so many names

This triangle is a city
A city of rich colors
Blinding sunlight
And a couple mermaid mothers (lol no)

Though not supernatural
It looks a little strange
Some say an alien planet
Or maybe in an out of world range

Under the water
With a mermaid Taylor Lautner
Is an alien type of life
Strange and beautiful
And most definitely unusual
Chapter 4: The Rise of Corals
My keynote presentation represents the hardships throughout the chapter and the miracles that happen soon after. That was one thing in particular that I enjoyed about chapter 4; it shows hardship versus miraculous events that continue to occur along with the time of life. It begins with a horrible flood, destroying life and habitation as one would recognize in the Iowa area, stripping it down to the bare remains- only to reveal a perfectly preserved fossilized coral reef from the middle of the Devonian period. How amazing this would have been to discover what was thought to be only in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of Iowa! This discovery led to the yearning to discover more and know more! The first reef builders, mounds made of micro algae trapping sediments, called stromatolites, used to be the dominant reef builders at the beginning of the Phanerozoic, "But the world changes", Wörheide (German doctoral student), said to the other organisms that came to reign. Yet again, the emphasis of hardship and change versus beauty and custom occur regularly throughout life, it is inevitable. The interesting thing about corals is that they roll with the punches of catastrophe and instead of giving up, they adapt quickly and dominate. One such example of strong willed coral is Acropora who divide their labor between specialized "axial" and "radial" polyps. I feel we, though human, can learn from these magnificent creatures we call coral and continue to grow and dominate our surroundings rather than give up the fight. The last line and last passage of this chapter really hits home and illustrates the strength of the reefs when it talks about the dinosaurs versus the "resilient" and "inventive" corals and the fact that they have taken everything that nature has thrown at them..."Tyrannosaurus Rex is gone. But the humble coral remains."









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