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Use the thread below as a gallery space for your Sci-Po and Visual Chapter Summary over Chapter 4, "The Rise of Corals," and Chapter 5, "The Heart of Lightness." Remember, stick to the protocols. There is power in protocols, for they often force our thinking toward a more creative level. This, of course, seems ironic before trying...  but I think you'll soon see what I mean by that.

As always, post a reflection of this challenge and comment both on how this helped you learn the content of this part of the book, as well as how the processes of the task contributed to the cause specifically. I look forward to the discussion in the space below:

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Here is my chapter 4.

My haiku deck for chapter 4 shows how the book starts out in Iowa and then tells the history of corals. How they had struggles and how they evolved. It was surprising how the first reefs started out as mounds and then over millions of years became what they are today. It was also really surprising that the great pyramids are older than the Great Barrier Reef! It was interesting that corals were able to survive through all the issues they have had such as rising waters.

Haiku deck:

For chapter 5 I did a sypo. My sypo talks about the tropics and the triangle of diversity. It talks about the analogy of a coral reef to a city. And how beautiful the reef is. It's a dreamers world. Full of colors and is like a completely different world.

A sun drenched paradise is where it starts
Where diversity takes its roots
And does its part

Away in the tropics
A triangle is formed
Where corals abound and so much more

Beneath the surface a myriad of creatures
Chaotic and complex
Follow their paths

They claim its a city
A city of sectors
A city of lives that depend on each other

In this place beauty abounds
A dream of a dreamer
All around








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