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I did the whole write to a scientist thing about the role the bacteria play in the ecosystem around the underwater vents. I wondered about how the packet we got said that since there is no light and every other food chain on the planet starts with sunlight, how the bacteria play a role in making everything work. “However at deep sea vents, where the… Continue

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Save Something

Save Something

Chapter 12 of the enchanted braid was kind of a follow up to chapter 11. In chapter 11 Osha explained to us how the different practices of destructive fishing had taken its toll on the reefs in the thousand islands region of the Philippines. Chapter 11 explained the social problems of why it is so hard to save the coral reefs in the area. The only way to really save a reef fishery is to get the fishermen to honestly care.

Great things are never done by just… Continue

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Living on Destruction

Living on destruction

“There are only two threats to coral reefs: the needy and the greedy.”—Thomas Goreau, Global Coral Reef Alliance. This is the most devastating braid of this tapestry. When people are desperate to survive and there is a way to meet the needs of a family or village then every precaution is bypassed by many fishermen in Indonesia.

The beauty of the coral reefs near Ujungpandang is more like a… Continue

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Progress killed Beauty

Progress Killed Beauty

Jakarta is the super-city of the thousand islands Indonesia. Jakarta is located on the island of Java and it is home to over 10 MILLION people. This megatrapolis has towering skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and huge shopping malls. You can see business men in the finest of tailored suits strolling down the sidewalk while the traffic roars in the streets. The so called “Golden Triangle” this is the… Continue

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The way Osha starts out the chapter was really nice. He really is an artist when it comes to painting an image. To tell you the truth I never even thought twice about sea turtles, I mean who cares… It’s a turtle. How until now could I have possibly known all the mystery, danger, and sheer strangeness that happens in a sea turtles life?

There is so much that we really don’t know about sea turtles, but besides the point sea turtles is a lame name. I agree with Osha that… Continue

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lqtm(laugh quietly to myself) reef fish...

Chapter 7&8

Well Timmy baby corals are born when a mommy coral loves herself very much. She loves herself so much that she makes the baby all on her own. She makes both the eggs and the sperm to reproduce. Sometimes if the timing is just right her and all her friends will all make babies at the same times.

That was my little take on coral spawning. I always found plant and now reproduction kinda weird. I know that that’s how its been for millennia but the thought of… Continue

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the city-like reefs, the swampy mangroves and, the annoying sea grass


You have been driving for about 45 minutes to where your parents have decided to vacation. You look off to the side of the rode and see “Gotham city limits.” Around you there is lots of fields and lots of sun, a pretty place you think to yourself. The drive continues, the further you go the darker it gets. The car stops.

You have reached the river around Gothams inner city. No big deal, you just take the ferry across. The water is polluted though, form all the use it… Continue

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HEY EVERYONE!!! Good work on all the blogs lately. I don't know about you but I have been having a BLAST reading The Enchanted Braid. For those of you who have read the chapter about how Osha finds that ancient coral in iowa and want to see what he was talking about, Mr. Nash and I got a hold of some pics.

I hope you guys enjoy the sweet pics!!! I cant think of a way I can possibly thank Osha enough for such and amazing piece of…


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Look out Bear Grills... Coral Knows how to survive!

Chapter 4

“The environment is the theater and evolution the play”-G. Evelyn Hutchinson. I enjoyed this quote because it reminded me of one of my favorite little quotes from Shakespeare, All the worlds a stage (As you Like it). This quote sets the stage very well for this chapter because it was about how the coral acts out its existence in the environment.

I don’t remember the flood of 93’ all that well considering the fact that I was two, but my parents talk about it…


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Chapter 3 Charles Darwin is one awesome dude! He made many right on theories about all different examples of life. He also made a great contribution to the theory of how coral was formed or how it i…

Chapter 3

Charles Darwin is one awesome dude! He made many right on theories about all different examples of life. He also made a great contribution to the theory of how coral was formed or how it is still growing I should say.

This chapter was ok… I wish that Osha would have went into a lot more detail about Darwin’s theory on coral reef formations. I also wanted Osha to explain how he felt about his theory. That… Continue

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the first look at the enchanted braid

Chapter 2

I honestly hope that every chapter will be as good as this one. I loved how he started to give you insight on the whole enchanted braid concept. Osha started to reveal the mysteries of the coral reef and how it is interlocked with the rest of the world.

“What would the ocean be like without them? It’s impossible to say, for coral reefs are the very soul of the sea.” This was a good sentence to sum up the chapter, because it told you how the coral reefs were so… Continue

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The Enchanted Braid chapter 1

Chapter 1

The only way to describe your encounter with The Coral Reef is awe. Your brain stops racing from thing to thing and you just slow down and your actually thankful for beauty. The reef is something so much more then anything tangible on this earth. A coral reef is one of the few things that still knocks you on your butt and makes you say, “wow that’s amazing!”

This book is very well written and gives… Continue

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Super fish

what would make a super fish?

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so slowly



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