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I survived Ike.....I can officially say it now

I finally received power and cable in the house that I have been staying in. It has been seven days since I could sit and relax in air conditioning! Unfortunately Galveston, TX is still closed and now my school is officially moving all 2000 students to main campus on Texas A&M located in College Station. I will be attending there on Sep. 24th until who knows when....I have to start all my classes over and we are on a accelerated schedule now. I have no idea what happened to my apartment yet and will not know for awhile. The only road to my campus which is located on Pelican Island is no longer able to be in use.

Here at the house we sustained no damage, but we did get 100 MPH winds. I stood out side on the back side of the storm after the eye passed by. The back side ended up being the worst part and standing outside was one of the greatest experiences to feel the power of the wind moving you. The wind hitting the house sounded like a freight train each and every time it hit. It was so amazing and scary at the same time. I do not have pictures since the hurricane hit around eleven and did not let up till six in the morning.

Here is a great website to see satellite images of the damage around Galveston Island

Here is my school scaled down to 9% due to size

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Comment by Sean Nash on September 21, 2008 at 9:37am
Uhhhh... yeah. it looks like you won't be getting back tot he real campus for a bit (unless by helicopter). It will be really interesting to see what happens with that "accelerated" schedule. Talk about a "college semester out of the box," wow.

Welcome back!







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