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Colt's recent update on his life has inspired me to also update everyone on my shenanigans. I am not living in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, but I am living in the concrete jungle of Washington D.C.


So, since I last checked in, I finished my dissertation research at the University of Rhode Island and am in the process of publishing my results. If all goes as planned, I will be Dr. Nicole Rohr in May with a Ph.D. in Biology! Here is my first chapter in case you are interested in know what it is I do :) Rohr_etal_2011%5D.pdf


Even though I am not officially done with graduate school, I applied and was subsequently selected for a Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I am one of nine legislative fellows selected from across the country to move to D.C. and work for a U.S. Senator or Representative - I work for Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi.


I get to work here:


For the Senator, I cover a plethora of issues including anything having to do with NOAA, the Department of Interior, U.S. Forestry Service (which happens to be under the jurisdiction of the USDA), FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Indian Affairs, Coast Guard, science, etc. Many of those things are out of my area of expertise but I am learning lots and having to do so very quickly!


Some recent things I have worked on include:

- crafting legislation to direct 80% of the Clean Water Act fines fro...

- working with the National Marine Fisheries Service and shrimp fishe...

- and simply keeping the Senator informed of recent developments in my issue areas as well as being involved with the current budget debatewith regards to them


My life kind of resembles this, but without the song and dance.


Basically, I have traded in my snorkel and air tanks for business suits and high heels....and I love it! I like the fast-pace of life on the Hill, and enjoy having a hand in shaping environmental laws and regulations. It has been a challenge to move from my sheltered life as an environmentalist to the world of compromise that must prevail if anything is to be acheived.


That pretty much sums it up! Oh, that and I love living in a city where there is ALWAYS something going on. So, for all you high school kids sitting in Sean's class thinking that you love marine biology but it is not a plausible career path, I encourage you to reach out to either Stephanie Kraft Archer, Colt Snapp, or myself so that we can tell you that it is not only plausible, but also the most fun!


P.S. I feel like I have written this on here but can't seem to find sorry if it's floating out in the ether twice :)

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Comment by Sean Nash on August 13, 2011 at 12:00pm

I sure love the fact that by creating and nurturing such a network here, I become only one of many teachers in this space. 


As always, thanks so much for stopping back by to give back a little of what you've learned along the way, and to allow us to keep up with St. Joseph natives who are doing exciting and important things elsewhere. I think we might all be surprised at just how powerful this modeling a bit of "worldliness" plays out in a town like ours.


Keep up the good work!







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