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The first couple of days were spent waiting on this and on that and it truly felt like a year had gone by.  The first day was spent waking up early and driving to KCI airport where after about an hour or so of waiting we finally got on the plane that took us to Florida.  I sat in the very back of the plane with Zach and McCabe and I learned a valuable lesson from Zach when you get your free drinks on the airplane "always ask for the can".  The next morning we split into groups and waited to get onto the small 8 passenger planes where we would then fly to Andros Island, Bahamas and wait at the field station for the rest of the groups to fly in.  I was in the first group to fly into the island and needless to say that first day on the island was spent exploring, eating and getting a sun burn.  That night after everyone in our class arrived on the island we all got into cars and what not and headed to the Dock where the sail boats were at,  that night we met our captains and got all settled in. The next few days the boats remained on the dock because of the weather, so our real journey began Monday morning when we set off on the 50 mile or so sail to the Exumas.  That day was by far the longest day of my 16 years on earth! It was spent sailing in the middle of the ocean for 9 hours or so.  There was not a soul in sight besides that beautiful dark blue water surrounding us at all times.  That Monday was spent writing page after page in my journal, taking beautiful pictures and, taking around 9 or 10 cat naps.March 26th (Tuesday)

Woke up this morning to find that our boat had been attacked by pirates.  Captain Joey had his hands tied behind his back and was getting ready to walk the plank when all of the sudden Mrs. Conard swung by on a rope kicking the pirates overboard leaving them to be eaten by the sharks... okay, okay that didn't happen but it would be pretty cool if it did!  This day was spent yet again sailing but for at least half the time yesterday, so it was not as bad. 5:35PM about 30mins or so we had our first "real" snorkel about North or North East of O'brians Cay, It was absolutely beautiful.  I was so shocked when I saw the Queen angelfish very pretty! And a lot bigger than what I expected it to be.Hooray!!!!! Today (March 27th) Is my birthday!! The day I turn 17!!!  This morning I woke up to Captain Joey making me Birthday French toast! It was delicious!  Here's a list of the many wonderful things I did on my birthday!

- Had Birthday French Toast-

-Snorkeled in a CAVE-

-Thunderball Grotto (James Bond)-

-Met a Mermaid-

-Touched a Nurse Shark (SO COOL!!!)-

-Went into town and bought a really expensive magnet ($10)-

-Mrs. Conard sat in bird poop-

-Had Birthday brownies that night-

I would say that day was one of the best on the trip, It was just a busy day filled with an awesome snorkel and adventures.

March 28th, Woke up this morning to the Mack and Meg cooking show.. They made us pancakes, I would half to say they were somewhat alright. (Just kidding!!) They were wonderful!   We went on what will possibly be our last snorkel on this trip, today. We all snorkeled for a bit and ended up on shore looking for treasures. I literally found a boat load of awesome stuff from sea shells, to broken coral, sea fans and even sponges!  It was sad to hear that because we were in a national park we couldn't bring any of that stuff back with us!  The view on this day was absolutely breath taking! It was just so unbelievable like it was all from a dream!

March 29th

HaPpY 17th BiRtHdAy Lindsay!

We set sail early this morning when we were all asleep. loooooong 10 hours or so sail today and then we will be back at the dock again! Sadly by the time we got back all the shops at Androsia were closed:(  When we got back some of us got the chance to take a shower for the first time in a week!  Let me tell you.. There were two things I missed a lo while we were at sail and that was fresh Ice cold water and a nice shower!  So it was great to get one of those back!  We all dressed up that night and went out to eat at a restaurant which I believe is called Hank's Place? Anyways we went out to eat where a lot of my class mates and I ordered Conch fritters!  I also ordered a nice glass of ice cold coke! (which was wayyyy better than water!)  The rest of that night was spent staying up late playing a nice, friendly game of BS or Bull Shit or Bull Shark, really whatever you want to call it!! That last night/day was a pretty awesome way to end the trip.

Saturday, March 30th (Last day/Going home)

Woke up at 7am, Packed all my stuff, got ready, cleaned the boat, ready to go!

We left the dock and went back to the field station where we once again waited for a bit, but at this time I was use to it.  We once again got into groups of 8 and when my group left we got into Taxis and drove back to the airport where we went through customs and immigration's.  We loaded onto the small 8 passenger plane where we took off and said goodbye to the island.  When we landed in the US we waited outside of customs and when it was our turn to go inside we got our bags packed and headed to the   Ft.lauderdale Hollywood international airport where we waited for the rest of our group to get there.  When it was time to leave it was bittersweet, I was so homesick but yet, I didn't want to leave.  When we got on the plane we all had scattered seats, I sat by this nice, old couple.  They asked me about my trip and the Marine Biology program, I will never forget the women said "Marine Biology program, in Missouri?!"  By the time I got home that night I was so totally exhausted and ready for a nice shower and bed!

I have to say, that I loved this class, and the experience, and all of the friends I made.  Marine Biology and this trip was an amazing experience that I am so glad that I got to be a part in, it is something that I will never forget.  Thanks Mr. Nash and SJSD for making this program available to us!

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